It Comes Fully Equipped with a Papoose

Only the head of the dragon is all that remains after some weird immortality pact went a bit awry. I wasn't really paying attention. I should have been, because something to do with the One Hundred was keeping the magical onyx mountain upright, and now that we've slaughtered them all it is becoming unstable.

The mountain shakes and rocks, sharp splinters falling from the ceiling, growing bigger and bigger until chunks start dropping. We have to get out and to ground level, preferably taking the dragon's head with us. We fashion a crude stretcher out of some tapestries and sling the head between us.

Before we can get out of the main entrance, a massive shudder causes the cave mouth to collapse, seemingly isolating us. All is not lost, as the dragon tells us there is another way out. 'We must use the glider.'

Glider? Damn, I'm getting unpleasant flashbacks to Cave Dwellers.

Ulagor points, 'we must go this way'.

'The dragon's head points? How is he pointing?'

'With his tongue. It's big and long. You know how when you lose your arms and legs...'


'...the rest of your body compensates? It's like that.'

Despite the obvious absurdity, we take the dragon in the direction he 'points', wondering how good a glider could possibly be constructed when we had trouble making a stretcher. But it's not just one glider, there are two. Or there were two. 'Odd', says Ulagor, 'the second glider is missing.'

'Ooh, can we have him say "this is an outrage!"?'

'Yes, tell us about the crunch, Ulagor.'

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