Thrak the Wizard

Continuing deeper in to the fire forest brings us to another stone bridge. Well, nearly. As we approach, a couple of trees at the edge of the bridge have their trunks explode, collapsing to block our path with a barrier of flames.

At the same time, Aggar notices that Crysten is acting curiously. She appears to be having a vision. She sees a giant flaming stag bounding out of the trees, goring... and she points at our barbarian, Thrak.

'Oh, ok then.'

'Yes, shall we move on?' If only it were that simple. The flaming trees still block our path, and now a wall of fire has appeared behind us. The situation looks a bit grim, made a little worse by some flaming creatures bounding towards us through the barrier. Perhaps it's time to see if the rest of the vision holds.

I cast an illusion, having 'Thrak' dodge out of the way of an object that obscures the real Thrak, moving the illusion towards the position where Crysten's vision saw our barbarian gored. As the illusion moves in to position, a fiery spear falls from the sky, straight through where Thrak would be standing.

'So as soon as my illusion got there', says Thrak, 'the spear landed?'

'Whose illusion?' Once again, our barbarian wants to take credit for a useful spell.

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