Ignorance is Power

Walking through the fire forest has its hazards. Apart from the fire, there are also the occasional clouds of ash and cinders blown down from the tree tops. They aren't too difficult to spot, though, and as we are walking alongside a river, we simply duck in to the stream to avoid the trouble.

On one occasion, however, we fail to spot a beastie amongst the ash. Thrak finds out first, as the monster lands on his him as our barbarian is under water avoiding the cloud, biting in to his neck. Thrak thankfully shrugs off the monster's grab and stands up to beat it away.

Thrak not only shrugs off the grapple, but also the effects of seeing this monster, which is a hideous sight indeed. Thrak strikes a solid blow against the flying, multi-legged, sabre-toothed beast.

Aggar gets up and sees the same monster, fighting with Thrak. He too is unaffected by the sight of whatever-it-is, and moves forward to thump it. It's another solid blow, enough to knock the creature bleeding to the ground.

The rest of us get out of the water, the ash cloud having passed us by harmlessly, rather oblivious to the threat of the beast. 'What's that rast doing on the bank?', I say, having knowledge of the planar monster.

'A rast? They can paralyse with a glance' says Salvador, also knowledgable of the monster. 'It's a good thing it's dead, as I wouldn't like to have to deal with a living one. Shall we press on?'

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