Shocking Miss

'Hey, if the gnome stepped up, you'd then be flanking the devil and get the bonus to attacks.'

'Naw, I'd need to threaten. When have I ever?'

The desperate measure is suggested because our duskblade is having trouble hitting the devil. Quite a bit of trouble. Knowing that the devil has a few damage reductions to overcome, and that electricity will bypass them, Salvador channels an electrical touch spell in to his blade. And misses.

Thankfully, the spell is not discharged on a miss, which lets Salvador swing again. And miss again.

And he misses again. And misses again. And again. His wild flailing gets to the point where he has to check the duration of the shocking grasp spell, just in case it dissipates naturally.

'Sal, next time you swing, shout "Pika-Pika". It'll help, trust me.'

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