Requiring a More Powerful Spell

Stalking someone who is known to have been looking for us, Salvador gives away his position by some lacklustre hiding. The woman confronts him, and rather than running away Salvador decides to hear what she has to say for a moment. This turns out to be not quite the best plan ever, particularly as he had already witnessed her cast 'charm monster' on an unwitting citizen. Why not the more usual 'charm person' we don't yet know.

Salvador brings the woman back to our inn, where Thrak and Aggar are enjoying their evening meal. They are not terribly impressed with Salvador's decision-making processes, and wonder if something is wrong.

'Does Salvador look normal? Oh, sorry, that's a leading question.'

'That's okay. His behaviour is consistent with his previous behaviour.' Fair enough.

As it turns out, Salvador has indeed been charmed, which explains the woman's choice of spell. 'Did she have to cast 'charm monster' on Salvador because he committed genocide?'

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