Neither Do We

Making our way along the snowy mountain pass isn't a simple matter. The footing for our horses is treacherous in places, requiring us to look out for hazards and guide the horses around them regularly.

'Salvador, as you've just arrived to the session, you can make the next survival check.'

'...can I take 10?'

'Yes. What does that give you?'


'Great, the first bad decision of the day.' And the result goes as you'd expect, for a 7th-level party getting a 10 on a skill roll. A patch of snow is thinner than it looks, with sheet ice underneath. We have to react as our horses skid and slide.

Salvador fails his reflex save, but tries to recover. 'I'll use my 1/day Blessing of the Gods to reroll my reflex saving throw of 10 to get... 7. Dammit!'

'The gods really don't like you, Sal.'

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