The Better the Illusion, the Harder it Hurts

At the end of the canyon is the orcs' fortress, seemingly built in to the walls of the canyon itself. We spot some tracks that the orcs have left, but they seem to lead directly in to a stone wall.

Getting closer to the wall where the tracks disappear doesn't offer any clues as to possible openings, and, given that there are two illusionists in the party, we naturally assume that magic must be shielding the entrance.

'I'll throw a pebble at the rock face.' It bounces off the rock face, much like a pebble would normally bounce off a rock face. 'That's a pretty good illusion. Pasha, run in to the rock face where the tracks lead, and really believe in yourself!'

'Roger that. I cast Haste!'

2 Responses to “The Better the Illusion, the Harder it Hurts”

  1. Pasha Says:

    OW! That REALLY hurt! It must be a very high level illusion I don't know that can replicate matter too, maybe we should retreat.

  2. Elf Says:

    Naw, you just think it hurts.

    Try again, with more conviction!