Salvador's Just Too Cheerful

'If the dog wasn't in the way, I could cast Lightning Bolt.'

'He's only little. Fire it over his head.'

'I'm a gnome.'

'So fire between his legs!'

'I'm no expert, only being a mage and all, but I don't think Lightning Bolt works that way.'

Thankfully, I have no such reservations about casting spells that catch party members in their effects when the spell isn't quite so destructive. Both Salvador and his dog are bravely battling trolls and knights on horseback, and I want to help by casting Crushing Despair on them, making the enemies less effective.

Sadly, Crushing Despair does not distinguish friend and foe, and would affect Salvador and dog just as it would troll and knight. But there are more of them than there are of us, so the net benefit seems good. 'Sal, how are your saving throws?'

'They're—what? Why?'

'No reason. Crushing Despair!' The trolls and knights feel the weight of the world on them, heightened by being in the midst of battle. Salvador and his dog, ignorant and naive, are unaffected by their situation. The plan worked as intended!

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