Everyone Gets Their Rightful Reward

As reward for helping in the battle, Lord Gallow extends a very generous offer to us. He offers us each a knighthood, which we graciously accept. Well, most of us. Salvador enquires about the option of receiving a military rank instead. 'Yes, that would be possible', says Lord Gallow, 'but it would be honorary'.

An honorary military title is fine with Salvador, who ponders his options and decides to be an honorary captain in the army of Lord Gallow. He wears this title with pride, for all of the few hours it takes before we ask why not major? Colonel? Brigadier? 'Ooh, I want to be a brigadier. I can change to that, right.'

But it's too late. Captain it is. Honorary captain, as well. Sir Brewswain. Sir Thrak. 'Captain' Salvador.

The saving grace is that 'Captain' Salvador manages to win a jousting competition the next day. If only he'd been a knight, people may have cheered for him more.

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