Gravity is a Harsh Mistress

Wyvern attack! We could be in trouble as it swoops down to rake us with its claws before climbing back out of range. But Pasha helps us out, casting a spell that blinds the creature.

Now that it can't see us, the Wyvern can do little but flap around. Sadly, it doesn't land as Pasha expects, but climbs in the air and flies in tight circles, trying its best to stay out of harm's way.

The Wyvern is almost out of trouble, but it is just at the optimal range of our bows, if we stand right underneath it. So that's what we do, we move underneath the Wyvern and start pinging it from below.

It seems like such a good idea, right until one of us deals the final, killing blow, and the Wyvern stops flapping its wings. At that point, we realise that maybe we shouldn't be standing directly underneath it after all.

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