Give Pasha a Hand

A decrepit door is nearly our downfall, as our dexterity-based party is nearly turned around when pushing with all our might does nothing. Only by happening to pull a strong creature out of Pasha's Bag of Tricks do we get past this obstinate obstacle.

Inside the ancient tower we find the resting place of the wraith's physical form, under a trapdoor in what is obviously, thanks to watching Labyrinth a few too many times, an oubliette. But it is upwards where we find the wraith itself.

We don't so much find the wraith as bump in to him. With a staircase to a mezzanine level rotten and crumbling, the whole party is struggling to climb up to the next level. I am the lucky one to be first over the ledge, right in to the waiting wraith.

'Ah. About that deal you mentioned earlier, to become death knights and rule the world by your side. Please don't attack me, because that's clearly what I've come to talk to you about.'

'All you have to do is kill your unwilling friend.'

'Pasha? It's a deal! But let's not shake on it.'

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