If Only Wizards Were Proficient in Wisdom Saving Throws

In our first encounter against this cleric, she cast Hold Person against Pasha. Pasha then failed his saving throw every round until we were forced, from being unconscious and bleeding quite heavily, to surrender.

We encounter the cleric again, and again she casts Hold Person on Pasha. Pasha fails his saving throw again, and again, and again. Even when he uses his Lucky ability to reroll, he fails again. And even when some Inspiration comes from another member of the party, granting him advantage on the roll, Pasha fails again.

But, finally, the Hold Person is gone! Pasha is in control of his body once more! Did Pasha finally show the will to shrug off the thrall of the cleric? Nope, he used the Call of Cthulhu method of picking locks, and simply waited long enough. The rest of us finally slay the cleric, just before we all die from the massive lack of magical support, destroying the spells effects.

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