Monkey and the Monk

A guard appears on the ledge above us, some forty feet up. That poses a bit of a quandary for us, particularly as our baboon carrying a rope has disappeared. We have to quickly work out how to get enough of us up to the ledge before the guard can raise the alarm.

Pasha can cast fly, and fly himself up to the ledge, but the wizard by himself will be a bit useless, even more so in combat. He can carry Nerrick on his shoulders, which helps, and it seems like he could carry one more. The monk is the best choice, given his lack of ranged attacks, so Pasha and the monk grab a rope between them.

Pasha flies upwards, with both Nerrick and the monk having readied actions to attack the guard when they get in range. Not a problem for Nerrick, who gets in range when Pasha reaches the ledge, and attacks the guard successfully. The monk can't reach, though, as he is holding a rope and dangling near Pasha's feet.

Never mind, we can see our baboon, squatting in a nearby corner! Pasha's bonus action instructs the baboon to rush the guard and shove him over the ledge, which should cause a healthy amount of falling damage. The charging monkey somewhat catches the guard by surprise, and the guard topples over the ledge.

'The monk's readied action triggers! When he falls, he must get in to range, right?' Sure enough, the monk punches the guard twice on his way down, adding just enough injury to further injury to kill him in one round. A successful plan!

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