Malicious Compliance

The Troubleshooters are still trying to burn the paint off the walls, this time with McGonagal shooting her laser at the wall. She's not very good with guns, though, and end up just shooting wildly in various directions.

Team Leader Blank steps in and stops McGonagal. He requests that Archibald, who is much better with guns, 'continue what McGonagal was doing'. Success! Archibald's skill with guns is immediately obvious as he carries out his orders. He still shoots wildly in various directions, just on purpose.

To make it look like he is trying to achieve their mission goal, Team Leader Blank picks up a propane tank and throws it down the corridor, so that Archibald will shoot it and cause an explosion. But his throw is off, and he instead hits Archibald in the head.

At least Archibald has stopped firing his laser pistol wildly, almost looking like that was the real reason Team Leader Blank threw the propane tank. But he does think causing the explosion is a good idea. 'McGonagal, we need that propane tank down the corridor, so I need you to do what I was trying.'

Success! McGonagal picks up the propane tank and throws it in to Archibald's head. These good, clear instructions from Team Leader must be bringing this mission closer to completion.

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