It's Like You Weren't Listening

The Nazis interested in Atlantian artefacts have been tracked heading to Greenland, and we are to follow and, hopefully, intercept them before they achieve their goals. As we prepare for our journey, the question arises as to whether we take any of our recovered artefacts with us.

It's not an obvious question. Leaving them behind is surely the safest option. But if we took them, their mystical powers could prove useful, especially if the Nazis have their own artefacts with them that they may use against us.

'Maybe we can take one or two of the three, but probably shouldn't take all the artefacts, in case of mission failure letting them fall in to enemy hands, potentially allowing the Nazis to take over the world.'

'Ah, let's just do it', says Tobias, voice of reason, 'what's the worst that can happen?'

'I... think I just said what.'

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