Light on Foot, Light on Communication

We are escaping a Drow compound, and have come to a vast chasm, across which stretches webbing, as far as can be seen. As we ponder our options, a couple of goblins appear and, once I convince my colleagues not to just slaughter them, the goblins offer to guide us across the webs to the other side of the chasm. For a few coins, that seems like a fair deal.

'As your guide goes over the webbing, everything is fine to start with. But as Charmandrathrax the Combustrous goes over it, the extra weight...

'First of all, how dare you.'

'...snaps the webbing.'

It's not a big problem, just a few strands of many, and with a moderate dexterity save we are able to stop ourselves from falling. Kronk is particularly dextrous, rolling a natural 20 to gracefully avoid the breaking webbing. 'Yes, I sensed that about to happen from half-a-mile back!'

'Well, thanks for the warning, douche.'

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