They'll Know What it Means

After the rockfall, we appear to be trapped. Exploring this way and that finds slimes and what-not, but no exit, beyond water beginning to pour through a widening crack in the rock ceiling at one dead end. But in one direction is an area of worked rock, with rooms up a staircase. The only problem, for one of us, is that there is a sarcophagus in there, a very ornate one.

'Okay, let's close the door and go the other way.'

'Don't you want to open the sarcophagus?'

'To find a vampire, mummy, lich, or, at the very least, a dead body, in an area with no exits? No, strangely not.'

My colleagues are not convinced, wanting to loot a corpse more than escape the Drow that we continue to run from. And with no obvious way out of this area, they are convinced there is probably an exit through the sarcophagus. Kronk convinces Muffin to learn Augury, which they cast.

'Great Deity, what will be the results of opening the sarcophagus?'


'Quelle surprise. Can we go now?'

I head off in the other direction, to start breaking through the weakened rock to swim out of here, our mushroom friend sending out its spores to let us communicate telepathically at a distance so that we're not entirely separated.

Muffin and Kronk explore the other room, which has four coffins. Surprisingly, one of them is on rollers, which allow the coffin to be moved to the side, revealing a ladder leading to another room. 'Charmandrathrax, come back! We've found an exit!'

I go back, happy to have finally found an exit, only to learn that they haven't, in fact, found an exit, but they are tempting me with another dead-end room holding an even more ornate sarcophagus. 'Oh, no way, no! I'm going back to break that ceiling with water coming through as quickly as possible. Nothing good will come from this!'

'But it could be ladders all the way down!'. But I'm not buying it, and leave them to their undead investigations. And, of course, they open the sarcophagus, and, of course, a spectral figure appears.

'Ah, the living! You can free me from this prison... with your lives!'

Our telepathy is still working, which is handy for both groups. 'Come back and help us!'

'Nope, I knew it, nothing but trouble. I told you. I said from the start that this was a bad idea. I'm not coming back to die with you.'

'If you come back, we'll let you say 'I told you so' as often as you'd like!'

'No, that's okay. I can say that to you new characters too.'

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