What Goes Around

After an initial audience with the Dwarf King, we are invited as guests to a great feast. When everyone is seated, we are asked to introduce ourselves.

'I am', I say, casting Thaumaturgy to make my voice boom, 'Charmandrathrax', pausing for effect and casting a second Thaumaturgy to cause some ground tremors, 'The Combustrous—' A Golem smacks me off my chair before I am able to finish.

'Oh, I'm terrible sorry', says the Golem's owner, 'I'm afraid he registered you as a threat.' Well, finally.

'Pay it no mind, sir', I say. 'And may I enquire as to who you are?'

'Of course. I am...'

As he starts to speak, I say sotto voce to our barbarian, 'get ready to punch him'.

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