Pitiful Reflex Save

We go in to the ruined inn, in the northern part of the city, to flush out some goblins and their leader, Whitechin. The ground floor holds a surprise for our paladin, who has to catch himself from falling down a covered pit. Ganelon is asked to make a reflex save.

'Reflex? That's not good for me. Um, 15 + 6, that's 21.'

The 'that's not good for me', followed by 'plus 6', is followed by a chorus of 'plus 6?!' around the table. Bard Brennan kindly points out our paladin's false pessimism.

'Reflex is my best saving throw, and it's only +5.' And despite the paladin not feeling confident with his paltry 2nd level reflex save bonus of +6 he manages to stumble across the pit trap safely, where he gets chewed on by a couple of goblin dogs. Thankfully, the dogs' bites only force fortitude saving throws, which our paladin feels rather more secure about, being even better than his reflex save.

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