Burn It!

A shadowbeast defeated we look to removing the menace of some organised goblin gang to gain more prestige amongst the civilians of the city. The goblins have been brought together under the leadership of one called Whitechin, and it seems that if we get rid of him then the goblins will disperse to be little more threat than vermin once again.

We head to the ruined northern part of the city where Whitechin is suspected to be, and get friendly with some vagrants. Offered some rations, they tell us they were evicted from what they call home by the goblins, and now they don't even have half a roof over their heads.

'We could just raze the building to the ground, with the goblins in it. It's the only way to be sure.' I like the sound of my own plan, strangely enough, as does Skelra, our wizard.

Brennan, however, doesn't like the wanton destruction it would involve. 'No, we need to keep the building intact for the vagrants to use, since the goblins evicted them from there in the first place.' Our paladin, feeling a tug from his good alignment, concurs with the bard.

Two against two, the burning building plan fails. Skelra comes up with a new idea, 'let's send the paladin in, where he asks to be served beer and in the confusion we catch them off-guard'. It's crazy, but it might just work. Better still, the paladin seems okay with it, and starts walking in the direction of the ruined inn.

'Okay, that's got him out of the way. Now we can revisit the vote to raze the building to the ground. By my reckoning, it is now two against one, so the motion will pass.'

'Even better, the paladin's inside too. It's the perfect plan.'

We don't get around to setting the building on fire, sadly, as the same motion cannot be brought to the table twice within a twenty-four hour period. That, and the building is made of stone. We settle for a more traditional assault through the front door.

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