Touched By Death

Touched By Death is a Dwarf Monk. I chose a Dwarf because most of the others in the group had chosen to be Dwarves, and so we decided to make an all-Dwarf party. This also helped my stats a bit, as they were a bit flat to start with. I ended up with 14 in all abilities but Charisma, which had a score of 9.

My first level choice of feat was Improved Grapple for the Monk feat, ignoring Stunning Fist for now. This means I won't be able to get Stunning Fist for many a level, but I thought Improved Grapple would make combat more interesting. I also chose Combat Expertise, as my feat for a first level character, so that I could take other Improved... feats later on, as well as being able to improve my AC.

My idea was that I would choose feats that I normally don't pick, just to see what the character would play like and to give me different options in combat.

Touched By Death's character sheet.

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