Hang On, I'll Get a Sharp Stick

While the rest of the party were busy try to get away from a giant spider or two, as well as avoiding their webs, my monk, with his super-spot skills, noticed something up in the trees. I'm guessing the DM made a Wisdom check for me so that I also knew it wasn't another spider. Whether he did or not, it didn't stop me from leaping up in to the trees to see what it was.

It turned out to be a body cocooned in webbing, a bit like some others we had rescued minutes beforehand. I was able to tell that this chap was much older, and deader, than the fellows we'd rescued, but that he was carrying a small chest with him. Hmm, and no one else knows about this, you say? He he he! Lots of loot for me. I was about to snag the chest away when I found myself surprised and surrounded by some giant spiders. Argh! Who would have thought there would be more of them? Not me, obviously.

I managed to avoid enough spider bites to escape death, but still had to take the evasive action of falling out of the tree. I had the presence of mind, and reflexes, to pull the chest with me, though. As luck would have it, the rest of my party had just about caught up with me and manged to see me plummet from about 30 feet up, as well as seeing a chest hit the ground near to me. Even luckier, they grabbed hold of me, and the chest, and dragged me through a weakened area of the web. Yes, this was lucky, because I was now under the effects of several spider bites, all sapping my much-needed Strength down to an ability score of 1. Oops.

Anyway, once at a safe distance we rested for a while, healing my Strength as best as our Cleric could with the spells he had at the time, and we checked out what was in the chest. One of the objects turned out to be a Daern's Instant Fortress, which our Cleric managed to find the words to activate and use. Once the fortress had sprung up, the DM explained the size and nature of the fortress, and told us that it was made of adamantium. Most of us reflected on how that meant it gave us a nice resting place at night, and no longer would badgers be able to surprise us without armour on and give us a good kicking.

But not our mage. Oh no. He exclaimed excitedly, 'Adamantium?! This stuff is really hard. We should chip bits off and make weapons out of it!'

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