The party stayed overnight at an inn somewhere along our travels. In the morning, we were approached by a lone sorcerer. She wanted to join our party, for reasons I forget, but our suspicious mage wasn't too keen on this idea. In order to change his mind, the sorcerer cast some sample spells she could do to show how she could aid the party.

One of the spells she cast seemed to be Tongues, whereupon the sorcerer spoke to us in fluent Dwarvish. Hearing this, our mage was quite taken aback, as he is not high enough level yet to cast that spell (which serves him right for multiclassing to a couple of levels of fighter, really). He blurted out, 'She can speak Dwarvish! I can't do that!'

Yes, that's our Dwarf Mage, in an all-Dwarf party, letting us know his limits.

One Response to “Que?”

  1. barry Says:

    Ahh, if only that was the limit of his shortcomings.