The Power of a Pause

The party cautiously entered a rather threatening looking building (mostly it was threatening because of what we suspected what was going on inside, but that it had a large carving of an evil god and the whole building was painted with blood wasn't too welcoming either) and were offered a description of the inside, which included several paintings.

Worried about what we will meet in there, the party is intrigued when we hear the DM describe that 'the painting in that corner is of a beautiful woman, with horn...'

'With horns?!', we cry.

'...ting eyes.' Ah.

We calmed down a little after that and started checking the place out; seeing where the doors led, that sort of thing. While some of us were getting embroiled in a brou-ha-ha with several low-level minions in a side room, our Rogue was finding traps on another door. Note that he was 'finding' traps, not 'searching' for them. We hear the DM inform us of the Rogue's activity, 'You open the door and set off a trap. Everyone in the room...'

'Everyone in the room?!', those in the room exclaim, worried about what the Rogue has stuffed them with, then pausing breathless to be told what saving throw will need to be made.

'...sees the Rogue get engulfed in a fireball.' Ah. We all breathe a collective sigh of relief, even the Rogue, as his natural 20 roll on his Reflex save coupled with Evasion meant that he somehow didn't even singe his beard whilst being in the middle of a fiery ball of doom.

The DM is there to torment us sometimes.

4 Responses to “The Power of a Pause”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    "Must try harder to get more party members involved in the trap finding. I'm sure they would like to help out and would enjoy the experience"

  2. Elf Says:

    Don't forget that the Mage successfully found a trap on a spell book he looted. It's just a shame that he didn't search for the trap before he found it, as it destroyed the book.

    He he he! No, it was tragic.

  3. marka Says:

    Yes, very funny. Unfortunately there was no rogue in the party at that time, and so the party had no means of detecting the trap, even had the Mage actually thought to look for one.

  4. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    and what makes you think I'd tell you the truth if I found a trap on a spell book anyway.....
    Much more fun seeing it blow up in your face..*laughs*