Illusions Don't Hurt, Do They?

Still in the enemy's lair, having set off however-many traps already, the Rogue finds a trap on a chest. He tells me that it's probably best if I, the only other person in the room with him, back away to a safe distance, which I do. From where I'm standing, I see a ghostly apparition appear in front of the Rogue as he tries to disarm the trap.

The DM asks the Rogue to make a Will save. Even with +2 on spells for being a Dwarf, the Rogue only has a +3 Will save; hardly ideal. His D20 rolls across the table, almost on to a natural 20, but tips back to stop on to a 7. Now he is asked to make a Fortitude save, and the DM adds, almost as a curse, 'You need to make this.'

Of course, whenever someone is told that he must absolutely, positively make a saving throw things go wrong. The Rogue's player rolls his D20, and it hops across the table. Luckily, it comes up on a 13! But, hang on, isn't 13 an unlucky number? Yes, because it doesn't stay on 13, but tips back; the D20 ends up with a natural 1 facing upwards. Regardless of his Fortitude save, a natural 1 always fails.

All the colour drains from the Rogue's face and he drops to the floor. I rush in to the room to aid him, but it is all ready too late: he is dead.

It's always sad to lose a party member (unless it's the mage), even more so if it's your character. It doesn't help if you die 15 minutes in to the session, pretty much with your first action. Still, we had managed to raise him five minutes before the end of the session, but for some reason couldn't persuade him to check out any of the secret doors and compartments we had found. He mumbled something about not wanting to die twice in one session.

3 Responses to “Illusions Don't Hurt, Do They?”

  1. Cleric 'the walking medkit' Says:

    It's times like those that make me glad to be a cleric, and not allowed to do anything dangerous like that. Still with the other interesting incident of the night I did almost have my arm ripped off.

  2. BlackMage Says:

    We only brought him back to life so I can kill him for hiding those spellbooks.

  3. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    I didn't hide any spell books, I had them in my backpack so I could bring them back to you but before I coud I had the slight inconvenience of dying...ya know Im really sorry I died before getting the books back to you, its not like it caused me any problems..oh no you know being dead isn't all its cracked up to be....and having to sit through you searching the dungeon with ya detect magic knowing there's a false botoom on one chest and knowing that there must be something in it..wasn't fun....and then you getting to search me backpack was just down right mean.....

    The Krayfish family will have its revenge......