We have encountered several, similar objects in the enemy's lair and deduced that we do, indeed, need them to progress further in to the lair. We avoided them previously, as they appeared to be in positions that just screamed out 'TRAP'. We weren't wrong with this appraisal, as I found out earlier, losing most of my hand trying to retrieve the first of these objects. Nevertheless, we needed to get them, and so had to brave the traps.

The Mage was stupidly lucky when trying to get another one, as he managed to fail a Dexterity check in just the right way not to set a trap off. The only other one of these objects that we had found was next on our list to retrieve, and it was balanced precariously over a pit, on a small platform, in a circular shaft. Being good at jumping, climbing, and falling, I was the obvious choice to attempt to get it. Rather than jumping directly on to the small platform I was persuaded that climbing up to the ceiling and then down the chain would probably be better.

With a rope tied around my waist in case of an emergency, I start to climb the shaft. I get to the top and make my way across to the chain; this is pretty straightforward whilst wearing Slippers of Spider Climb. Remembering all the traps that have been set off so far, and not being fooled by what looks like an obvious set-up for a trap in this shaft, I think about what to do next. Rather than put my entire weight on to the chain straight away, I decide it would be more prudent to test its integrity first.

I reach out and, whilst still secure on the ceiling, gently tug the chain to see if it would give way at the slightest touch. Unfortunately, this approach was second-guessed by the enemy and rather than the platform, with its precious cargo, plummet to the muddy depths of the pit, the rest of the ceiling does just that, with me underneath it.

I find myself being pushed down by the ceiling, falling the 80 feet to the bottom of the shaft, the only saving grace being that I'm not facing a stone floor but one of soft-enough mud not to kill me straight away. Using all my might, I start pulling myself through the mud towards the small hole in the ceiling, through which the platform on the chain was able to pass. If I could just reach that and then use my cape to turn in to a bat, I could escape. I just need to hold my breath for long enough.

Above me, the rest of the party was desperately trying to think of a way to get me out of there. Well, after they had snagged the platform with a grappling hook and snatched the desired object off of it. As I struggled through the thick mud, I reflected on how lucky I was to be a part of a team that knows just how long I can hold my breath and favours the dramatic, last-minute rescue over the safer and less stressful quick rescue.

As luck would have it, with everyone searching for a reset mechanism for the trap, the Cleric stood in just the right place, looking in exactly the right spot, to find the small, nigh-invisible trigger to return the ceiling to where it should rightfully be. After preparing himself, the Cleric pushes the switch and swings himself out of the way of the ceiling, now rushing back up to the top of the shaft. It flies up with such swiftness that it catches his arm on the way up. Luckily, he is made of hardy stock, and doesn't lose a limb in the process.

With the weight off my back, I pick myself up and, leaving a Monk-shaped impression in the mud, climb out of the shaft to rejoin the party. Someone else can get the next one of those, dammit.

3 Responses to “Shafted”

  1. Elf Says:

    Even though I had nearly made it out of the shaft through the hole in the ceiling, it really was lucky that the Cleric found the reset mechanism. It made things much easier for me, but it was that he was standing in just the right square to find the mechanism and was the only player to get anything decent on his Search check, rolling a natural 20! It wouldn't have been found otherwise.

    Where was the Rogue when we needed him? Lying down on the job, no doubt.

  2. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Aye taking things know it would have been just my luck to have the cleric get killed just before he was about to rest and learn his ress spell.....

  3. Cleric 'the walking medkit' Says:

    The high possibility of my death was crossing my mind as I pressed the trap reset button.
    closely followed by wondering how hard it is to cast raised dead with an arm missing when
    I failed the dex check.