Suicide Fireballer

A Mage that I was Grappling and the Rogue was about to finish off got desperate and set off his wand of Fireball centred on himself, hoping to kill us even at the expense of his own life. Luckily, both myself and the Rogue have Evasion, although the mage and two peasants close by didn't.

After the explosion, impressed by our evasive action, the DM tells us, 'The only person who was hurt in that Fireball was him, him, and him', pointing to the miniatures on the gaming mat.

'The 'only' person?', I ask. I wonder if there was some cloning involved.

One Response to “Suicide Fireballer”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    What wand was that.....all I saw was him casting a he did it grappled I'll never know...amazing what a good mage can do...*looks at dwarven party mage and shakes his head*