From the Archives: Paralysed!

With our Rogue finding himself dead almost right at the start of last week's session and only raised at the end, I am reminded of the time the same player played a Fighter in a different adventure.

The adventuring party is in a crypt, leading deeper underground after opening up in to a series of tunnels and rooms. Taking care as we go, we nontheless encounter some monsters. Our Figher steps up, relishing the chance to relieve the monotonous walking through endless tunnels, ready to destroy whatever threatens him and his allies. Unfortunately, we find ourselves facing ghouls and ghasts and during his first exchange of blows the Fighter gets hit and, failing his saving throw, paralysed. He does little more during that fight than stare straight ahead, as the rest of us destroy the monsters whilst ensuring that our Fighter doesn't get damaged further in his vulnerable state.

After that battle the Fighter is reenvigorated and moving again, but only so far as to enable him to engage in further exploration of boring tunnels and more rooms that don't interest him. After missing out on the skirmish he is aching to flex his muscles and hone his skills on a foe, undead or otherwise. As luck would have it, some time later we encountered more hostile creatures, also intent on ending our days. Desperate to do something other than walk around and look at things, the Fighter rushes in to combat, happy to be seeing action at last! Sadly, he is hit again in his first exchange against what are also ghouls and ghasts, manages to fail his saving throw, and is paralysed for the rest of the fight. Again, the rest of the party have to deal with the menace without his aid, and the Fighter has no role to play.

It really was disheartening for our Fighter, as he had one role to play—to fight monsters—but ended up being a spectator in both fights. He made a nice cloak rack while he was paralysed, though.

2 Responses to “From the Archives: Paralysed!”

  1. Elf Says:

    It's like being a Mage but never casting any spells. Can you imagine how that must feel?

  2. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Thanks Elf..nothing like dragging up old memories....