My companions and I headed off on our new adventure, to destroy the evil that has overrun an old and sacred ground. I am particularly looking forward to defeating the monsters where others have failed, to show my prowess at fighting with my chosen weapon. I see nothing to fear.

Our journey to the site is uneventful and we begin to scout out the various buildings. We look at the two overgrown buildings to start with and see no reason to suspect that there are any evil forces at work within them, leaving a well and the main building, which looks to be kept in good shape.

One of the overriding rumous that we heard in the town whence we ventured to get here was that whatever we do we should not go down the well. For some, probably superstitious, reason the others in my party were unsettled by this hearsay, and the sight of the well rattled them a little more. They did not want to investigate it, let alone get close to it.

Cowards! I say we should at least have had a look, but I had to remain with the party for the sake of safety in numbers; after all, we were in a place of evil and we work best as a team. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be surprised if the well actually contains all the magic loot of the adventurers who had falled before us, as well as magical fairies with level-giving abilities. Isn't that worth the risk of falling directly in to a gate to hell?

3 Responses to “Well?”

  1. Smithy (retired) Says:

    Knowing the propensity of your characters to unleash floods, monsters, petrification etc upon the party in the name of "just having a look", I'm not surprised they didn't want you investigating any further.

  2. Percival Says:

    Whilst cowardice is against the Paladin's Code, so is committing suicide - and I think I know which category _this_ falls into. I must do my duty young Elf, and protect you from your own impetuousness!!!

  3. Elf Says:

    What, you couldn't even take a look? They were only rumours, after all. You don't listen to rumours, do you?

    And I had to edit your comment, however much I liked the idea of Paladins training not to fear old ladies playing cards because of their code being against whist cowardice.