Starting Normally, AFU.

Prior to heading out to the place of great evil, we quite sensibly tried to find out as much as possible about where we were going. We managed to accumulate a fair bit of information, albeit of uncertain reliability, through some good Gather Information checks. We then were able to work see the evil at work in the graveyard we entered, as some magic tried to chill us to our bones before we had barely started our adventure. That was accomplished with a decent Spot check, as was finding the key to the main entrance. We were doing pretty well so far.

Then came our first battle, right on the door step. With confidence flowing through our systems after all of our skill checks, it was almost natural that the Rogue, performing the very first attack of the campain, nearly managed to gouge one of his own eyeballs out, after rolling a natural 1.

Luckily, the battle went a bit better after that, with only the Paladin in danger of losing his life. Phew.

2 Responses to “Starting Normally, AFU.”

  1. Percival Says:

    Fortunately I was standing next to the cleric. This is usually a good idea if you're planning on failing a saving throw vs. paralysis.

  2. Elf Says:

    One Paladin's 'standing next to' is the rest of the party's 'cowering behind'.

    But, yes, it was a good thing you were close to the Cleric, because it could have been the end of your adventure before we had even entered the dungeon.