What Not To Do, Part II

Why did I ignore the message contained in my own advice when having the following e-mail conversation with the DM?

The DM's lines are emphasised.

Right, a quick question with regards to old-to-new rules.

If something has a +3/15 or +5/20 weapon resistance, what does that translate in to 3.5 rules?

(holy crap)

Um, I have the conversion guide right here, no really I do, and it informs me that +3/15 becomes, uh, magic 5, or something. The +5/20 is also magic 5. Phew! That sounds like quite a challenge for us, make no mistake.

So if it's not magic then subtract 5 points of damage from any damage. Sounds pretty crap when the idea of +5/20 is basically telling you it's unhittable.

Wow! A natural 20 on a Bluff check and the DM rolls a 1. I rock.

It's early and I'm tired but you've just moved up the list on targets for tonight. In fact you are now above both the Paladin and the Mage. Well done, it took a lot to do that!

Aww, crap.

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