You'll What?

Before we started the gaming session our DM took us completely by surprise, saying, 'At some point during this evening I'm going to be asking you all to roll some D20s'.

Uh, you don't say.

4 Responses to “You'll What?”

  1. Elf Says:

    To be fair, he went on to explain, after hitting the Paladin for mocking him, that he was going to ask all of us to roll D20s when something only affected one of us, so that the affected person wouldn't be singled out and we wouldn't get any meta-game knowledge.

    Still, it didn't stop it from sounding silly initially.

  2. The DM Says:

    Funny man elf boy, very it happens you lot spent soooooooo long getting through 1 cavern that I didn't need any additional dice roles. So in future you obviously wont mind if I do all your "secret" saving throws in err....secret then....dont blame me if you all roll 1's just when you need a good roll..*smiles evilly*

  3. Elf Says:

    Just when we need a good roll? What, like when facing a Phantasmal Killer?

  4. The DM Says:

    *laughs*..oh we are pushing it aren't we....
    and yes just like that...but maybe I wont bother saying you need to make this roll.....
    lets just presume that for all rolls you will need to make them....