A Price on His Head

Having made it past the purple worm, without defeating it, much to the Paladin's not-at-all-fake chagrin, the party finds itself in a small room with several doors leading off. Onwards! We choose a door and head through it, exploring the depths of the dungeon more.

At the end of the multiple corridors and rooms that we somehow manage to get through in relatively little time we find another pentagram on the floor, this one with a skull in the middle. Being careful not to step in to the pentagram the Paladin goes in to the room, at which point the skull rises and speaks, telling us that it would answer any question. The Paladin, with prompting, tells it that the only information he wants is to know how to vanquish it, some spittle coming out of his mouth as he gets a bit carried away with righteousness.

The skull replies that it would cost 5,000 gold pieces for this information. I ask it how we can get 5,000 gold pieces, to which it tells us that that information would cost the Paladin's head. It was tempting. After all, what are the drawbacks?

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