We Didn't Do It!

Through my travels across both continents I had picked up a fair few quests from people, and now I had a few originating from several different lands that all asked me to do something in the Hinterlands. Knowing that I could clear up a few quests quickly with one visit to the Hinterlands I headed up there, and started to do so. The first one was easy, picking a plant from a lake that wasn't particularly guarded by anything but all the wolves that seem to be everywhere in that area. I then had to get to the Overlook Cliffs for the other two quests, so I headed off in that direction.

Whilst riding along the path I saw something of a brawl ahead. I also noticed a robotic chicken amongst the combatants. In Tanaris I encountered another robotic chicken, one that wanted to be escorted back to where it came from before it had crashed in the hills. I had tried my best to escort it, but each time it foolishly wandered through a small 'camp' of three scorpids, who were too tough for me to defeat by myself. In the end, I left the chicken where it was until I could get more brawn to get through the scorpids. Seeing this fight in the Hinterlands I realised that this robotic chicken was about as smart as the other, leading its escort through three owlbears; not an easy fight for a single person.

Because I knew the frustration involved of escorting this chicken I decided to help. I joined the fray, making sure only to assist and not take credit for the kills. Luna, the Elf I had helped, was grateful and thanked me, even inviting me in to a group, but I declined, as I was only passing through, saying as much. We both headed on our ways, although it seemed that the chicken was heading down the road that took us to the Overlook Cliffs, so we were going in the same direction. Before long, the chicken got itself in trouble again, and again with three assailants. I swear that thing just looks for trouble. I helped defeat them that time as well, getting more thanks from the Elf. The chicken headed further down the road to the Cliffs, so I thought that I may as well become an impromptu escort, just in case it decides to pick yet another fight.

It only picked one more fight, this time with a single, yet powerful, snapjaw turtle on the beach. This was defeated easily and the chicken returned home. Luna asks me what I am doing next, and tells me that she has a task to get a 'photo' of a special turtle, whatever a 'photo' is. Goblins and their gadgets. I say that I am on the same quest, realising that maybe we were both separately tasked with this in case one of us didn't make it or didn't capture a good enough image. Just as we were talking, I turned around and saw Gamerita, the huge, and very dangerous, turtle we were after coming up behind us! I shouted a quick warning before getting the snapshot device out and bravely capturing its image, even while it got closer to Luna.

Unfortunately, the flashing light that accompanied the image capture must have startled Gamerita, as it become slightly enraged, attacking the both of us. Without stopping to see if Luna had captured an image herself I started to attack, not entirely confident that we could defeat the creature, but not wanting to die at its beak either. A flash of light came from Luna's direction and then she started to fight as well, protecting the both of us. It wasn't long until Gamerita lay dead on the beach at our feet.

Oops. The person who wanted the picture probably wanted it because Gamerita is special. And now it is dead. I point this out, but Luna is all ready aware of the situation. She tells me, 'We had better not tell any environmentalists'.

'Yes, we should probably keep this under our hats', I reply.

At this point, someone else runs up, introducing himself as Nightcatcher. Obviously concerned that someone saw what we had just done and worried that he may be an official, Luna blurts out, 'We didn't kill it!'

I follow suit, 'It was like that when we got here!'

But Nightcatcher is thankfully oblivious to what is dead in front of him, and asks instead if it is okay if he skins the creature for its leather. Sure, we say. After all, he's getting rid of the evidence. Luna whispers to me, 'I 'think' Nightcatcher killed it.'

'Yep, that's how I remember it', I whisper back.

It's too perfect! Not only are there no witnesses to our misdeed, but we now have a cover story agreed and a stool pigeon to pin it all on. On top of that, muggins even took the creature's skin, willingly keeping hold of evidence putting him at the crime scene!

Luna and I part with a wink and a smile, happy in completing our quest, and with our secret safe.

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