Smitten with an Elf

I consider myself lucky enough to have been inspired of late, thanks to a certain Elf. I have written before about a proposed and then real trip to Thunder Bluff, although only snippets. Now I have completed a rather longer account, also in poem form, about the wonderful and exciting trip, and I present myself here to all of you.

The poem (PDF) is quite long and Miltonesque, Milton of course being a famous Stormwind Poet of lore. I hope it pleases at least one person.

3 Responses to “Smitten with an Elf”

  1. Shallaya Says:

    My word Faust, a vivid and eloquent tale indeed! I greatly enjoyed it with my cup of tea and a biscuit Smile

    Cirini is lucky indeed to have an admirer such as you! I do hope she will be able to return to us soon....

  2. Promethian Star Says:

    Indeed, nice work there, took me ages to read as kept geting interupted and losing my place.

    Maybe one day i will feature in someone's work, must start hanging out with the cool kids.

  3. Nagaicho Says:

    There once was a Warlock named Elspith,
    Whose demons were not to be messed with,
    He'd set you on fire,
    And as you expired,
    Shout "My name is very difficult to rhyme in a limerick don't you know"!

    It's a work in progress, but I'm sure I can get it up to fifteen pages soon enough.