Lawful What? Part Three

After we disposed of some monsters and chased away the leader, who apparently escaped through a mirror, although we didn't specifically see this happen, we were left with sorting through all the loot that they had amassed over the years. Some of it was stored in chests; the sort of treasure-filled chests that one would normally protect with traps.

Our Rogue was happy to search for any traps, and found a couple. After disarming a mechanical trap he was able to open the chest to reveal not only treasure inside but also a fragile, glass sphere that contained some coloured gas. He had broken off the pin that would pierce this sphere, so it seemed obvious that this was part of the trap, and that the gas inside would be dangerous to inhale, if not deadly.

The Paladin, on realising the opportunities to use this glass sphere of toxic gas against others, asked, 'Why don't we keep it?', right before being reprimanded by his god.

The Rogue, on the other hand, wondered if we could use it to throw through the mirror, as if it went through it would give a nasty surprise to the leader that escaped. It was a good plan, except for the single flaw about what would happen if the mirror was, in fact, solid. It turns out that he knew this and was simply making a joke, which I can believe.

If the Paladin had said the same thing I doubt anyone wouldn't have taken him seriously.

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