Mini Adventure: The Dwarven Alchemist I

Elan the Bard returns in another adventure, again with the Half-orc Barbarian and his dog, the non-healing Cleric, and a new Mage. Travelling from one city to the next, the party decides to visit a famous Dwarf Alchemist who lives near the route. On approaching, it seems that all is not well in the alchemist's tower.

Despite having Improved Initiative and high Dexterity, boosted by some nice new gloves, I was only ever attacked whilst flat-footed. It didn't really help that there was a pesky Imp flying around, turning invisible when it could and aiming for me more often than not. And my keen Elven instincts didn't seem to do much more than get us in to trouble, as I would sense something going on but not quickly enough to prevent any surprise.

It doesn't help if the creature surprising me is both well-hidden and ready to attack. Nevertheless, despite this advantage over me, and my being surprised and flat-footed, my armour did its job and deflected the blow away from my squishy organs. The Mage behind me then voiced out loud that he, the Mage, probably should have readied a True Strike spell. This reminded my assailant that he had cast that spell, to ensure the first blow hit. Just as his blade bounced off my armour it managed to turn and find a chink, piercing me right in the spleen.

Ouch. I would have thanked the Mage for his insight in to the situation, but the exertion would have knocked me unconscious.

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