Mini Adventure: The Dwarven Alchemist II

We find ourselves fighting in an awkward room, as it has a smaller room in the middle of it. This gives a large space to fight, but also areas out of sight where enemies could position themselves, and could cause the rest of the party could be separated by sight. Before we had to worry too much about that we needed to get ourselves off the sprial staircase that led us down to this room, even more so because that area just had Silence cast on it. With our Mage to act, he decided to get out of the Silenced zone so that he could cast a spell instead of loading his crossbow.

He ventured forwards, closer to the enemy, until he could hear his own footsteps and the ambient noises around him once more. 'Hey, Bert, turn around and tell us you're out of the Silenced area', I ask him, which he then starts to do. He gets about half-way through before realising that, of course, we couldn't hear him say that. The rest of us found that a bit too funny, I think. It was late, what can I say.

One Response to “Mini Adventure: The Dwarven Alchemist II”

  1. Elf Says:

    Sure, the party could have worked out from the Mage's reactions that he was probably out of the Silence spell's area, but it was still funny to see the penny drop.