Keep Your Voice Down

I joined a raid group heading in to the Scarlet side of Stratholme, hoping to eliminate the evil in there and liberate some interesting armour and equipment. The raid group worked quite well as a team, and there was cooperation and little bickering, which made the expedition enjoyable, even in the cramped and crowded conditions inside the walls of the fortress. The leader of the group was sensible and even-headed as well, and when we were about to battle someone who would drop a nice piece of equipment that would bind to someone as soon as it was picked up he would assert himself and only allow himself to loot the body, asking for whispers from any interested parties who would then all roll for the item; whoever won the roll would be passed the item by the leader. It was a good system.

Near the end of the expedition the archivist we battled dropped quite a nice cloak, and one that was better than the one I was wearing. The leader again asked for people to say in a whisper to him if they were interested in the cloak, so that he could determine to whom it should go. There were at least three people keen to get this cloak, because apart from myself two others said aloud (in the raid channel) that they wanted the cloak. I was set to take my chances on a die roll to get my hands on it, but the leader announced that only one person, despite his request, had whispered a need to him, which was me, so I got handed the cloak without contest.

I felt the tiniest bit guilty about this, but the ermine-lining on my new cloak quickly convinced me I was its rightful owner.

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