It Is Expected Of Me

After what seemed like a long period of contemplation, our Paladin decides that he'd rather face some Ogres than have to retreat through 3' of water, so our party decamps and heads through a narrow path through the rock walls, which opens out in to a fairly large room. Our Rogue has a quick look, with his Darkvision, before the Humans and their light sources give the game away entirely. He sees two Ogres standing around. Easy! The rest of us head down.

When the Ogres see the light coming towards them the Rogue, who understands Giant, hears calls for support. Being quick to react, I head in and attack one of the Ogres who was on guard. My spiked chain hits him for a fair bit of damage, and the Rogue then finishes it off with a well-placed crossbow bolt that hits a vital spot. We have the early advantage! It is then we see eight more Ogres head towards us from behind a rocky column that hid them from view, and we realise that perhaps we still have a little more to do.

A quick regrouping and we are set for combat. A Lightning Bolt shoots from our Mage's fingertips, the Paladin uses a potion to Enlarge himself, and the Rogue and I ready ourselves for more attacks. Another Ogre steps close to me, so I attack him as he gets within range. Again, my spiked chain bites in to its body, and the party is stunned! I hear a call behind me from the Paladin asking why I haven't tried to Trip it. Because, I reply, it is larger than me and looks pretty strong. As much as I enjoy fighting from a prone position, so much so that I am skilled in doing so, I didn't quite fancy it at the moment.

Nevertheless, this clearly affected the Paladin, as he stepped up to combat quickly and even killed some of the Ogres. In fact, between him and the Rogue, they were so efficient at smiting the Ogres that I barely got a full-round attack in. Still, once we had defeated the Ogres and the Paladin took glee in counting all their coins, we attracted some Wights; I felt it was my duty to Trip at least one of them. I managed to react more quickly than the Cleric in the fight and was able to Trip and kill one of the three Wights before our Radiant Servant of Pelor turned the other two in to dust. Order was restored.

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