Treasure/Trap Duality

Defeating the evil (yes, evil) tendril-palmed undead and moving on, we find ourselves weaving back to the water-filled corridor, albeit from the other side and thus now with access to what we bypassed before in fear of getting the Paladin's feet wet or drowning a Gnome. Following the carved corridor along, and passing through a debris-strewn room, we come across some sleeping quarters. There are six beds, and at the foot of each bed is a locker.

When hearing that there are foot lockers in the room, the Paladin, from the back of the party, blinks to the middle of the room, keen to see what the lockers may contain. Our Rogue, being cautious, checks the first locker for traps, just in case. He looks closely at the lock and opening mechanism and sees the tell-tale signs of a trap waiting to be set off, announcing to the rest of us this fact. Funnily enough, the Paladin was suddenly 30 feet back down the corridor leading in to the room. How does he do that?

One Response to “Treasure/Trap Duality”

  1. The Boots of Haste Says:

    It was us that moved, the paladin is under our control...he just does what he is told...