Bored of Life?

I was in a class raid on Stratholme, in the Scarlet Crusade part of town. Our raid party had infiltrated the base of the Scarlet Crusade and were heading in to defeat their leader. The cramped fighting conditions made battle a little awkward at times, and one had to be careful about stepping in to a room, lest the suspicions of nearby patrols were raised.

Unfortunately, our priest turned the wrong way when entering a room and ran head-long in to a patrol. Being a squishy cloth-armour wearer she was quickly despatched. Luckily, having a warlock like myself in the party meant that, being a priest and thus being able to revive everyone but herself, I had protected her with a soulstone, which captures the soul of someone allowing her to resurrect within a short amount of time.

It all worked to plan. The priest released her soul and was alive once more, and, being an Elf, managed to shadowmeld so that she would not be noticed. Sadly, her timing to come out of the shadowmeld was misjudged, as she ran right in to the returning patrol. If they were a little surprised to see her standing again it wasn't for long, and the priest's body crumpled to the floor once more, mere seconds after she had been killed before. Fear not, for we had an engineer in the party with some Goblin Jumper Cables, giving a slight chance of resuscitating someone back to life. The engineer checked that the coast was clear and gave them a go. To everyone's surprise they worked! The priest jumped back up again, but didn't expect to be facing the way she was, and ran in to the patrol again. You'd think they'd be bored of killing her by that point, but it didn't seem to matter. Down she went.

By this point, the Paladin in the party was about to resurrect our poor, beaten up priest. I was hiding around the corner for most of this, so don't know where the Paladin was before then, but she was able to revive the priest safely and draw her back away from the patrol before they noticed again. Once the rest of the party was ready, we exacted some vengeance on that patrol, and headed on to defeat their lord and master.

Still, three deaths in as many minutes without causing a total party kill was impressive, particularly with three different ways of being revived. I don't think I'll see that again any time soon.

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