A Simple Plan

Checking the side corridors and rooms leading from a fight with a spider led us to a couple of scuffles, but nothing too serious. We headed down the only other exit from the spider's room, ending at a door. I listened at the door and heard some voices behind it. Although I didn't understand what they were saying I could make out perhaps two conversations occurring. In whispered tones, we formulated a plan. It was brilliant. The Ninja and I, using his Hat of Disguise and my Ring of Chameleon Power, would disguise ourselves as Drow and pass through the door before the others. This should not provoke as much attention as our Half-Orc Fighter, and so we would perhaps take the enemy a little by surprise, as well as letting more of us in to the room before a brawl broke out.

'Okay, ready?', asked the Ninja. At the thumbs up, he strode forwards purposefully and walked in to the door. The silly bugger hadn't bothered to check to see if it was locked. The noise of his hollow head bonking against the wooden door also gave those on the other side time to prepare for intruders. I guess the Ninja had failed to get the secret knock correct as well.

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