Moving Really Silently

'Shall I roll a Move Silently check?'

'Um, you have a Silence spell cast on you.'

6 Responses to “Moving Really Silently”

  1. Grot Says:

    Harsh... bloody harsh.
    Funny... no comment yet on the 49 point hit on the spider. hmm... yeah, err, sorry, err, yeah!!!

  2. Elf Says:

    You seem to make a 49-point Power Attack critical hit on some enemy every week, mostly when they are down to 2 hit points or less, so it's a bit passé.

    Maybe if you pulled your finger out and actually forced an enemy to make a Massive Damage save I'd have something to write about.

  3. Grot Says:

    Harsh...bloody harsh
    I'm saving that for a really nasty enemy....

  4. HIM Says:

    So was that a request for more 'really nasty enemies' from young Grot?

  5. Elf Says:

    Oh, nice one, Grot. Come here, let me thank you with my fists.

  6. Grot Says:

    Oh stop it... it tickles... ha ha he he... no wonder you cant kill anyone... unless its by tickling them to death... ooh no stop it... ha ha he he...

    And yes come on let's have something challenging, just for the Monk to show us how he can tickle someone to death.