Our Mage, the Munchkin

We found a powerful tome recently. Looking it over, one of our party who was knowledgeable in religion or arcane matters was able to identify it as a being used by spell-casters to gain power to their spells. If someone were to put his hand on the front of the tome and call for the blessing of the godess mentioned therein he would find his fire-based spells to be more potent for some period of time. We had to admit that this was an interesting find, but sadly we could not make use of it. None of the spell-casters in the party had any fire-based spells, so it was likely we would sell the book on when we got back to a town.

Shortly after we made this discovery, some of the party's skills and abilities were improved through all the experience gained from adventuring. Our Mage was able to learn some higher-level spells after all his study during the times we camped for the night, and scribed them in to his spell book. One of these new spells was a particularly potent fire-based spell. What an amazing coincidence.

Oh, and he cast Colour Spray on an ally again, but we tend to expect that these days.

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