Miss and Hit

As we were getting a bit tired from a day's adventuring and fighting we find what looks like a safe place to sit back and relax for the night, partially hidden away from the main thrust of the cave system's corridors. We still need to keep our guard up a bit, as it is possible some monsters or guards could wander past and notice us, but if we are to continue fruitfully we really need to get some sleep. We sort out a night-watch system and start to settle down.

Of course, this is the time that the hellhounds that have been stalking us decide to attack, along with the Chain Devil controllers. We quickly leap back in to action, shaking off the fatigue and getting our adrenaline going again. Well, most of us. The Archer was still that little bit too relaxed. He didn't quite pull the string back on his bow hard enough to aim for one of the hellhounds, and the arrow ended up in Grot's back. Somehow, the Archer's mumbles of 'the arrow must have been from a hellhound' didn't seem to be convincing, even to a Half-Orc Fighter. I suppose it makes a change from the Mage trying to kill us all.

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