What Not to do in a Round

Not only was Grot not present this week, nor was the Ninja's player. However, he was clearly with us in spirit, as Garrick's player took over and managed to capture the elegance the Ninja brings to the game. When fighting another batch of evil dwarves, in the first round of combat the Ninja:

  • Moves and attacks with two weapon fighting, before being reminded that he only gets one attack if he moves more than five feet.
  • Announces he will use Ghost Step to deny his opponent his Dexterity bonus to armour class, and thus get his Sudden Strike damage, until it was pointed out that his opponent hasn't acted and is thus flat-footed anyway.
  • Manages to add an extra +10 to his attack roll 'by accident'.
  • Rolls D4s for his medium-sized rapier's critical damage, forgetting that rapiers do D6 damage.

Apart from that, it was a flawless display of rules knowledge.

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