Missed Chance

We fight evil dwarves! Grot steps up to the battle and hacks and slashes his way through the little blighters, until no more are left standing. Well, except for the invisible ones who attack him without warning. Two pop out of thin air and stab him, one of them quite hard. He fights back, with the help of Garrick, and they drop. But again two more appear from nowhere when their swords pierce in to him. Even though the Cleric rushed up to Grot after the last ambush she did not have time to heal him, and the last two blows drop Grot to the ground, blood oozing slowly from his wounds.

'Oops, he's got that 20% miss chance. I'd better roll that for the last two attacks, at least, or Grot's player with kill me', I say, having the honour of playing Grot again this week. But I was smart. Rather than accepting the normal 1-20 roll on a D100 for a successful 20% chance, I nominate 81-100 to be successful. 'The dice will never suspect this. It is a CUNNING MOVE.'

I roll for the first miss chance, and get 06; I roll for the second miss chance, and get 20.

'Okay, so they both hit, and only because of my meddling with the default range. I'm sure Grot will see the funny side. Well, if he gets healed before the dwarves get a coup de grace on him.'

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