Brave Sir Rioe Kills the Giant!

Having found clues that a mighty sword was being forged, using the blood of the villagers we have been tasked to find to temper it, we set off to find and rescue the villagers, and to prevent the sword from being finished.

It was not a long trek through a few empty rooms before we find a mighty forge and anvil, with evil dwarves working around it, some Drow chanting to help enchant the blade, and a rather large Fire Giant standing-by ready to wield it. And it seems we are not a moment too soon, as it looks like the sword is close to being ready. There is no more time to prepare, the fight for victory is upon us!

The Drow immediately teleport out of the room upon seeing us, clearly having heard of our mighty exploits and fleeing in desperation. The Fire Giant, seeing the Drow disappear, utters something about them being typically mutinous, before drawing his huge greatsword and moving forward to engage us. Grot is up to this challenge, sort of, and is soon Enlarged to make things a bit more even. The Fire Giant gets the first attacks in; three solid blows hit Grot, and he is struck down to a mere 4 hit points from over 70 in a single round! Luckily, our Cleric was prepared for this, and casts a welcomed Heal on Grot.

And now it is Grot's turn to deal some damage. Eschewing Power Attack to give him a better chance to hit, the Hasted Fighter swings, swings, swings, and misses, misses, hits! It wasn't that spectacular, to be honest. Our Archer decides that it is time to show what a bow can do, and fires off a volley of solid hits, which seems to stagger the Giant. He does not drop to the ground, though, much to Grot's chagrin, and he raises his greatsword to strike down our Fighter once more. With an almighty roar, the Fire Giant summons all his strength to be put behind a massive blow, and lands what could have been a mortal strike upon Grot, hitting him for 47 points of damage with a single blow, taking out around 60% of Grot's health. Just as Grot prepares for the second and third attacks, which he felt sure would release him to see his maker, the Giant collapses to the ground. The effort of the attack had opened up the Giant's wounds that much more for the strain to make him pass out. That last attack was the Giant's dying action, much to Grot's relief!

Mind you, the Giant was only unconscious. It took my quick thinking to step forward and lay the finishing blow to the Giant with my rapier for him no longer to be a threat to the party. If only we had a Bard in the party, he would sing for years to come of how I heroically vanquished the Fire Giant. Oh, wait, I'm a Bard; how fortuitous!

Well, okay, I didn't actually do enough damage in the one blow to cause the Giant to die, but as we then dropped out of Initiative I was quick enough to stick my sword in again before anyone else did, so I still get the kill.

3 Responses to “Brave Sir Rioe Kills the Giant!”

  1. Grot Says:

    Funny ... no mention of the really crappy attempt to blind the whole party thus making the fight more of a challenge...
    If it makes you feel useful to claim the kill... fine take it... tbh the bard is of no practical use what so ever... but if it makes you feel good then fine... even the monk would have been of more use ... and thats really saying something!!!

  2. Elrohir the Wise Says:

    I feel that you two need some celebratory haikus:

    I challenge you giant!
    That looks like power attack...
    Oooo that kind of smarts.

    The brave bard steps up
    Slays the giant, frees the captives
    Shame no bonus XP.

  3. Grot Says:

    err...nope just couldn't get out the door in time!!!!