Start With a Bang

Our new team of adventurers are in Stormwind City. A cloud of smoke still hangs above a certain area in the Dwarven District, two weeks after a goblin tinker's new invention inadvertently destroys the shop he worked in, and a few other shops nearby, but otherwise it is a bright morning. The adventurers hear that the Stormwind Guard are looking for mercenaries to protect caravans travelling to other towns, and so they sign up, looking to get extra beer money. A caravan carrying weapons is being driven to Westfall, leaving the next morning, and the combined threat of attack and the money on offer is just what the adventurers are after.

So it is the next morning that Wendel Chunderstout, a Dwarf Rogue/Warrior, Metrius, an intellect-deprived Dwarf Paladin, Dase, a Human Roge/Warrior, and Tanavar Staghorn, a Night Elf Priest, meet with the wagon drivers. Oh, and Samael Demonspeaker, a Gnome Warlock with a 'pet' Dretch, who has followed the others wherever they go for a few days now and somehow thinks they are his friends, also tags along. It is there that they are introduced to their sixth party member, a goblin who has been drafted in to helping protect the caravan. He introduces himself as Tizgot Blastshield, but the wagon drivers refer to him as 'Deathcloud'.

Something about the name rings a bell with the charismatic Dase, and it doesn't take long until he realises that this is the same Tizgot who blew up part of the Dwarven District. Tizgot explains that he is on this mission to help pay for the damage he caused, although his efforts aren't exactly voluntary. He also proudly points out that he made all of the weapons that are being transported, even though they are all mundane and don't use steam-power or phlogiston, and points to the weapons lockers, stamped with the initials 'TB'. Dase is a little impressed. 'How did you carve your initials in to all these crates', he asks.

'Ah, I'm glad you asked me that. I used my trusty 'accountant's friend'. It's something of my own invention, and is done with a quick, easy, and safe device.' With this, Tizgot rummages in his backpack and pulls out a handheld device with a push-button at the top and a stamp at the end of a shaft, which seems to be powered not mechanically but by phlogiston. 'Here, this is how it works. All I do is press this button and...'

At this point, I decide that the device has a Malfunction Rating of 2, as it was cobbled together fairly quickly and Tizgot's character probably didn't think something so simple could ever go wrong. The player then makes his Use Tech. Device roll and, as if fate wanted a good introduction story, gets a natural 1.

As Tizgot presses the button on his device, there is a puff of smoke and a bang louder than something that size should be able to make, and the end that should stamp his initials in to objects shoots across the market square and smashes a window and a bit of brickwork. Picking himself up from the floor, Tizgot shrugs, 'There are still a few kinks to be worked out of the design, but I think you get the idea'.

No one is quite sure if they are looking forward to when Tizgot starts to make inventions that are actually meant to be weapons or not.

2 Responses to “Start With a Bang”

  1. Tizgot Says:

    Hey! How's it going.

  2. Dase Says:

    Oh god..which one are you again??